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 Site Rules

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PostSubject: Site Rules   Fri Mar 19, 2010 9:42 pm

| - Rules of Avpc - |

•Respect other members.
•There will be zero tolerance in harassing of any member or staff member at all.
•Use proper language and grammar. Which means no text talking, stupid talk and so on in threads, topics and the like.
•There will be no trolling, flaming, racial or religious topics or threads what so ever, The appropriate action will be taken and may result in a permanent ban.
•All posts must be at least a sentence or more.
•No offensive content of any kind may be posted. EX Porn related pictures, Inappropriate links.
•No animated images are allowed as avatars or signatures.
•User names must be proper and non-offensive. We will change it for you.
•Respect the staff of the AVPC.
•There will be no sexual harassment or offensive sexual post to members or staff members of the site, It will result in a permanent ban.
•There may be no topics regarding sexual, racial, illegal and disrespectful themes.
•You may be banned without notice if you do not follow the rules.
•There is a three level warning system, On the third warning you will be banned, No questions asked.
•There will be no flaming, spamming, or trolling on this site, That counts as an auto warning.
•There is no biased towards anyone at all. Our decissions are final.

| - Chat Room Rules - |
•There will be no name calling of 'slut.' 'bitch.' 'dick.' and so on in the chat room, We will tolerate it for a time as far as joking around goes it follows the same lines. If you ignore our first warning, you will be kicked from chat. That is your second warning, if you do not comply you will be banned from chat for a week.
•Be respectful of your Moderators in chat room.
•You will be warned three times, If you do no comply on the third warning. You will be banned form chat for a week. If it is serious enough it will extend to a month. If it persist the ban will be permanent.
•You may get banned if Flaming, or Trolling as well.
•Rudeness will not be tolerated at all.

•You will not receive a message stating if you are banned or not.
•There will be a zero tolerance policy in harassing of any member or staff members.
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Site Rules
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