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 The Pyramid -- RP

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PostSubject: The Pyramid -- RP   Wed Mar 17, 2010 11:34 am

| - Info - |
Character Thread.
Species Facts.

As the snow licked across the flats in the Antarctic fall, the stars shone bright above. In space, it was merely a white, bleak spacing of land from the satellite's perspective. As the various lights on it's surface flicked on and off, the scope zoomed in on the Antarctic wastes. It overlapped various images, until finding a subterranean overlay. A vague object appeared, as the satellite cycled through vision modes, until finding Infrared. It relayed the images back to the massive Icebreaker, the USCMC insignia strewn across it's bow. The Marines on the deck finished their final drag on their cigarettes, and threw them overboard.

"Looks like we have more BS patrols." rasped Rempton, as he headed into the ship.

The ship flew through space, blue azure rockets fired up. The main cannon fired, an azure bolt trailing down into the Arctic. The laser smashed through a hundred year's worth of ice in an instant, the temple fully exposed. A few hours later, the ship flew over the targeted area, drop pods firing out....

(Will unlock after a few more characters are made.)
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PostSubject: Re: The Pyramid -- RP   Tue Mar 23, 2010 5:56 pm

Zix was fresh off his crude training on Ajax and already being sent on a mission. He didn't know much of what he was to do, but he figured his squad leader Rempton would explain it to him.

Zix sat in the troop carrier on a mining platform on some tundra planet or area. He wore his ghillie suit, and carried his thermal masker in the seat to his left. Zixs' M42A was in his lap, it was old but his friend fixed it up well.

Only a few moments had passed when Rempton and the rest of his squad walked into the carrier and took their seats.

"All right marines!" shouted Rempton with his casual, and obviously commanding voice. "Here's what were gunna do!" He continued to shout to ensure everybody could hear. "Our job is to escort some flimsy-ass scientists into some cave so they can do some shit with the local wildlife, or somethin'. All we have to do is get them secure access into the caves! Lets go pilot!"

The marines had no objection neither did Zix, although he still didn't have the slightest clue as to what he was doing.

With all the thoughts seeping into his mind Zix didn't even notice that they had already initiated landing gear and almost hit the ground. The landing was surprisingly smooth, Zix had heard that was a bad omen. Zix heavily believed in superstitions though not enough to be influenced completely by them. After all his time on Ajax, rumors, and omens were like his family.

"Move out marines keep the Com's clear until were down in the caves. I don't want any PMC's locking on our location." Shouted Rempton one last time before clicking off his communication device.

They had landed in a small mining town that had found the caves in the first place. The town was evacuated for security purposes, Zix just guessed they really wanted to keep the mercenaries away.

The squad moved in no formation, only that the scientists remained in the center. It wasn't long before the small group made it to the caves. "Okay, nerds set up the elevator and tell us when its clear." Rempton whispered, he still sounded extremely loud however.

The others of the squad gave numerous reports of hearing something, but when Rempton told Zix to climb the nearby hut and scope out the area, nothing could be seen. The men were simply on edge, Rempton told them, and then shrugged the thoughts off.

It must have been an hour they waited, for the scientists finally finished hooking up the elevator. "Pack in marines, and ensure safeties are on!" Yelled Rempton as the marines and scientists filed into the elevator, packing it tight.

Once the group reached the bottom they poured out, and took kneeling positions around the misty cavern. Rempton began making hand signs, telling the marines to follow him.

The mist made things hard to see but Zix was wearing his Ghillie suit attached M3 night/day goggles, granting him night-vision. It wasn't a great improvement, but it kept him from running into anything.

Rempton suddenly stopped and let his arms drop. "Its here, its actually here!" yelled one of the scientists as they sped towards the giant object.

Rempton turned to Zix and yelled, "You, in the ghillie suit go back to the carrier and report this to the pilot, he'll know what to do!" Upon hearing the command Zix turned and sped towards the elevator. He wasn't sure what made him run like he did but he felt it was for the best.

Upon reaching the elevator Zix realised he didn't how to work the thing in the slightest. He began pressing buttons randomly until he began moving upward. The doors didn't close. About halfway to the top and the planet began shaking, knocking Zix out of balance and throwing him out of the elevator. It would have been a perilous fall had he not grabbed the elevator before completely falling out. Fortunately the elevator stopped with a bump granting Zix the moment to prop himself up.

Zix didn't give a second thought to what caused the quake, only that he was given an objective he needed to complete. He began trudging through the, now extremely snowy weather. Zix soon left the village behind and still there was no sign of the carrier.

Zix became tired, the events that had transpired easily wiped him out, the blizzard didn't help much either. He started to think about Rempton and why the Com's still had been clear. The thought only lasted for a second until he fell into the snow, it felt like a warm bed. Zix had been knocked out and left just outside the mining center. His thermal masking device would maintain his homeostasis, as long as it had fuel.
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The Pyramid -- RP
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