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 Over all rules.

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PostSubject: Over all rules.   Tue Mar 16, 2010 6:25 pm

| - The rules of the Role-play - |

| - Characters - |
You must make a character first, before you can start role playing. If it needs approving, message me or Rox.

| - Mutations And Limits - |
Aliens must be 75% of Alien Dna, 25% of human or their host Dna. It can vary. There will be no Newborn mutations. If any one is seen with this, they will be asked to remove or edit their previous mutation. Aliens with increased size Such as Kala's alien Syst will be limited, and must have a good back story and reasons as to why it's the said x size.

As for the K-Strain aliens, they will look like the original black aliens we see, nothing will be different. As for their mutations they can be different and vary due to being bio-mechanical and being engineered by Weyland in the Avp (Alien Vs Predator Extinction) game for xbox and ps2.

As for toxic barbs on the tail, or tails covered in toxins. This ability will be limited, one already has it. Only one or two more may be able to have the ability.

Try not to copy others' in mutations, Make your own as long they do not go over board.

| - Discussion - |
Please, I do ask this of you only once. Do not make off topic or none relating post to the role play, Take it to the discussion thread. It's what it's for, Use it. Any off topic post or OCC (Out of character) lest in () [] or some form of brackets, On the end of the post will be other wise removed, one warning will be given, Two you will be removed from the thread. Three, you will be banned from the Rp section. No exceptions.

| - God-Modding - |
No god-moding, auto-hitting, or power-playing. Also, no contorting the actions of other characters lest their owner gives you permission.

| - Text Talk - |
Use proper English. Not Russian, not Swahili, not TXT TLK.

| - Grammar - |
Proper grammar is a must, Meaning commas punctuation, periods and capitalization. Also, proper sentence structures. Also, paragraphs are preferred. We understand if you have Wb (Writers block.) A paragraph consist of three to ten sentences.

| - Activity - |
Being active is a must, if you do not post within a week or two without notice to me or Rox. You will be removed from the Role-Play. You may reply if you wish.

More will be added with time.
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Over all rules.
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